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Youth Action has three core programs built to get students involved with leadership and service to their communities. Our Junior Youth Action, Inspiring Leaders, and Service Leader Program. civic engagement programs provide students with mentorship, funding, and resources to lead and serve Philadelphia. Youth Action members generally accumulate anywhere between 50-100 hours of service each year through these programs.

If you believe you have a strong interest in becoming a Youth Action member, complete the required information to join us and click on the following boxes to learn more.

What We Look For In Our Members

From the moment high school and college students become Youth Action members, they are able to take on significant roles and responsibilities and dive completely into all that the team has to offer. In essence, this is because there are not only events and programs put in place specifically to get members engaged, but the environment allows limitless room for innovation.

You’ll see that we are made up of students that hail from all areas of the city. YA members attend public, private, charter, and parochial schools. And our members have different personalities, hobbies, and interests. Therefore, there is no way to describe a typical Youth Action member especially when one may be a photographer, another may be a track star, the next may be a gardener, and one may be a spoken word poet.

The Youth Action Model

Since our founding, Youth Action has been produced, organized, and led by young men and women with a passion for promoting social concern and contributing selfless acts of service to the Greater Philadelphia area. Our team is an assembly of high school and college students who harbor diverse passions, experiences, and life goals. And our impact is a product of these unique individuals taking charge and using their many talents and interests in a common goal to educate and improve urban communities.

Youth Action members construct community service events that utilize their unique talents and passions. Everyone in Youth Action is given the opportunity to voice their thoughts and to collaborate on projects that may serve their interests. As a Youth Action member, you will express your curiosities and concerns through various events that you help to construct, drawing the connection from your outside goals and experiences to the mission of social awareness and community involvement that our organization embodies.

For many, Youth Action has become a lifelong commitment that members endorse with pride and incorporate into their future professional lives. Our alums maintain a close relationship with active members to advise and contribute to the further success of our organization. It is not uncommon that Youth Action alums provide our current members with resources and ideas to guide them on their intended paths, whether within Youth Action, within their academic goals, or within their professional ambitions. As a member of Youth Action, you will become a part of an unlimited network, a family, of successful entities whom you will come to identify as role models and advisors in many areas of interest.

Youth Action has grown into a respected name recognized by schools and companies across the nation. Having a name like Youth Action on your resume can serve as an interesting conversation point for academic and employment interviews.

Many local and national organizations associate their names with our service activities and networking events. We maintain a close relationship with our sponsors and partners. Youth Action can introduce young members to esteemed professionals in various career areas and focuses.

Youth Action provides young adults with the experience of organizing events, establishing professional contacts, educating communities on leadership and service, and making a direct impact in the lives of those in need. But most importantly, we work to harness our own senses of character and altruism. Being a part of Youth Action can help you to develop skills that will help in all aspects of your life. But most importantly, it will help you further realize the need for more civic participation in social, economic, and political issues.

If these sound like principles and prospects that interest you, if you have a calling to lead, to serve, to be involved with a growing community of young leaders,  then Youth Action encourages you to apply to our organization. Take action, make your mark, voice your concerns, and be the change that we need in the great City of Brotherly Love.

Joining Youth Action

Junior Youth Action Program – Mentorship and leadership development program for middle school students (7th & 8th grades)

Inspiring Leaders Program – Mentorship, experiential leadership, and service project planning program for high school students (9th & 10th grades)

Service Leader Program –  Official Members of Youth Action  (upperclassmen in high school & college)

Ready to Get Involved?

If you believe you have a strong interest in becoming a Youth Action member or joining our team as a facilitator, get started using the links below.


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