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Mission and Overview

Youth Action Produces Socially Responsible Leaders

Our Mission

Youth Action is a non-profit that INSPIRES students to LEAD and provides them with the resources and support to SERVE their communities.

Our Objectives

  • To develop students into socially responsible leaders through training, mentorship, and exposure to service
  • To increase student awareness and access to tools, resources, and networks that will enable them to create social change in their communities
  • To empower students to inspire their peers to lead and serve their communities

Students Inspiring Students to Serve

Through the use of creative service learning training and programming, Youth Action provides students in the Greater Philadelphia area with leadership tools and resources to craft innovative service projects geared to increasing their peers’ involvement with leadership and service in their communities.

Founded in 2003, Youth Action is a rare student-led (501)(c)(3) that is designed and managed by high school and college students with adult advising and support. YA utilizes innovative events and programs to excite students to serve their community. To this day, more than 500 members of Youth Action and 5,000 students have been impacted by our service programming. To combat alarming national statistics that highlight low service rates among youth ages 13-22, Youth Action runs two core service programs: Inspiring Leaders Program to develop 9th and 10th grade student service leaders and a Junior Youth Action mentorship program for middle school students. Both programs aim to increase student participation with service. These structured programs are all student-led and have been effective in increasing student volunteerism, activism, and leadership in the Philadelphia community.

The key to our work is cultivating young leaders through community service. Statistical reports find that community service not only impacts communities served, but also helps students with:

  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Oral and written Communication
  • Organizing Projects and Meetings
  • Develop their Passions and Interests by allowing them to engage in real world work
  • Meeting like-minded peers and professional mentors

The above skill-sets are essential to building great citizens who contribute to our world.

Our Civic Engagement Concern

Youth Action Service Model

All of our service programs are connected to student civic engagement
  • Junior Youth Action +

    Mentorship and leadership program for middle school students

  • Inspiring Leaders Program +

    Mentorship and leadership program for 9th and 10th grade high school students

  • Service Leader Program =

    Graduates of ILP & JYA and other upperclassmen and college students participate in service throughout Philadelphia

  • Student-Led Civic Engagement


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