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Our Impact

We provide students with tools and resources to lead and serve their communities.

Though there are plenty of opportunities for students to participate in service, there are very few service organizations that provide students with funding and resources to spearhead and organize their own service projects/programs.

What makes Youth Action unique and more specifically, what makes YA’s organization’s approach to serving our community unique is truly one and the same. Youth Action provides students with mentorship, funding, and other resources to serve their communities. Youth Action’s mission is centered on the belief that students not only see the problems around them, and if given the tools and resource to lead, they have the capacity to act and impact their communities.  Members of Youth Action organize innovative youth-captivating service projects to excite their peers about leadership and service to their communities.

Our Vision

Youth Action develops students who reach their full leadership potential, value civic engagement, and will continue to serve their communities throughout their lives. Youth Action works to become a model for successful service endeavors in the nation. Youth Action intends to service thousands of young people and encourage them to become socially responsible leaders.

Our Impact Through Words

Jelania Hasan“Through my work with Youth Action, I have developed skills of networking, teamwork, and have learned how to lead my peers. At the age of twelve when I first started out in Junior Youth Action I was a bright young child and a deep thinker. With Youth Action’s guidance, I was finally given a chance to share my opinion on various topics without being told ‘You are too young to understand.’ Youth Action is different from other community service organizations because it is not just a service group, it is a family. It is also a successful nonprofit organization ran by High School and College students trained with the tools to serve the community and teach other youth to become dynamic leaders.” – Jelani Hasan, Academy at Palumbo

Xiomara Lozana Torres“Being part of Youth Action has made me grow as a leader and person. It encourages me to think outside of the box and really think how I can impact my community. Youth Action made me realize that you don’t have to go far to make a difference. YA is an incredible learning experience for me and its one of a kind.” – Xiomara Lozano – Torres, Agnes Irwin School

What Our Youth Action 2014 Inspiring Leaders Program Parents Have To Say!

-ILP Parent

“Yes, my wife and I have absolutely noticed that our son speaks with more confidence and he has a more optimistic outlook on life. The Inspiring Leaders Program has instilled in him a firm belief in his abilities and as a result has been more willing to volunteer in various projects.”

What Our Youth Action 2014 Inspiring Leaders Program Parents Have To Say!

-ILP Parent

“His confidence has increased as well as his desire to get involved in other organizations. He is no longer afraid to take on a leadership role. Because he will be entering his junior year and as he prepares for college he will need to show he can balance his academics and extra-curricular activities.”

2014 Inspiring Leaders Program Numbers

Our Impact By The Numbers

  • Engaged over 5,000 students in service
  • In the last 6 years, 100% of our High School seniors have attended college
  • Given over 10,000 hours of community service
  • Not only galvanized students and committed resources to addressing one issue, but many – some of which include Teenage Pregnancy, Homelessness, Domestic Violence, HIV/AIDS and Minority Health Issues and Disparities, Education and College Readiness and Access, Global Issues and more!
  • Provided over 17,000 holiday gifts for more than 1,000 families
  • Provided more than $40,000 in scholarship funds
  • All YA members are student volunteers, each of whom give at least 10 hours per month (or 90 hours per school year)
  • In 2012 Youth Action organized 5 college readiness workshops for 50 high school juniors & seniors

Youth Action Notable Awards and Recognition for Service

  • Wells Fargo Community Connector Award for Service, October 2015
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Omega Omega Chapter- Service Recognition,  May 2013
  • Black Wharton Undergraduate Association (UPenn), March 2012 Gala Honoree for Outstanding Service
  • Philadelphia Tribune, September 2011, Story on Youth Action’s service in Philadelphia
  • University of Pennsylvania Du Bois House, October 2009, Recognition for outstanding service
  • Tau Gamma Delta Sorority, Spring 2009, Outstanding Service Award
  • Philadelphia Youth Commission, August 2008, Outstanding Service Award
  • Citation from the PA House of Representatives, August 2008, Youth Advocacy in Philadelphia
  • Citation from Philadelphia City Council, August 2008, For Youth Advocacy in Philadelphia
  • World of Children’s Founders Award, October 2006, nominee Recognized by the
  • Youth Venture, November 2006, Venturer of the Month
  • Tavis Smiley Foundation, October 2005, Youth In Action Award
  • Philadelphia Inquirer Story, spring 2005, article on the service of one our members
  • And over twenty individual highlights and service awards


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