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Kiyana Neil, Executive Director at Youth Action

Youth Action Appoints New Executive Director to Accelerate the Organization

Philadelphia native and former volunteer Kiyana Neil will serve as the new full-time Executive Director of Youth Action.

Youth Action is excited and thrilled to formally announce the selection of Kiyana Neil as the new Executive Director of Youth Action. Kiyana first started with Youth Action in 2014 as a College Facilitator and has been instrumental in the development of our organization. In many ways, Kiyana is what Youth Action is all about.

Kiyana’s professional experience in youth & community affairs is impressive. Prior to joining Youth Action in a full-time capacity, she served as a facilitator with the Junior Youth Action (JYA) program, where she was named facilitator of the year. After two years as a facilitator for JYA, Kiyana became an advisor to Junior Youth Action and was later named the Director of Programs overseeing each of Youth Action’s core programming.

A graduate of Drexel University’s Lebow College of Business, Kiyana obtained a B.S. in Marketing and International and recently worked as a Marketing Manager for a global B2B digital marketing consulting agency. She is also an instrumental figure in her church’s worship community.

Kiyana brings excellent communication and superb organizational skills to the organization and an ability to think strategically about the impact of our programming on students.

In this role, Kiyana will be responsible for planning the delivery of the organization’s overall program and activities in accordance with the mission and the goals of Youth Action. She is responsible for the supervision of all program directors and program operations, including recruitment, program management and optimization, and ensuring program success.

She will be hyper-focused on fund development, governance, partnerships, and strategic development of Youth Action.

This is a tremendous and necessary change for Youth Action. We are so excited that Kiyana has accepted this role and are confident in her abilities to ensure that Youth Action is thriving and continues to grow.

To learn more about Kiyana, connect with her on LinkedIn or via email.


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