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For this week’s Student Spotlight, we have one of Youth Action’s finest: Daianna Williams! Daianna is an 11th grade student who currently attends Academy at Palumbo High School.

Daianna’s mom actually told her about Youth Action, and after hearing her talk about the essence of the program and what it had to offer, she was excited to join and be a part of the team!

When asked what she likes about the program, Daianna said that she loves how the program facilitators really enjoy facilitating the sessions and working with the students. “They take the time out of their day outside of the program to check up on us several times a week.”

Daianna also mentioned that she believes Youth Action has made her a better leader in a variety of ways. “For example, I am a very unorganized person and my lack of organization really tends to stress me out. Lately, we have been talking about time management and organization skills. From our conversation, I have been trying to develop these skills. I have met with Mr. Anthony and he took time outside of our meetings to help me manage my time better which helped me tremendously. I have felt supported ever since I have started which also helped me along my journey of becoming a better leader in my community.”

Daianna has been an entrepreneur for two years now by creating and owning her own lip cosmetic business known as GlossyLipz. Daianna plans to continue her entrepreneurship ventures after high school!

One fun fact about Daianna is that she has run track for the past four years! “Although it is tiring, it is also fun and rewarding!”

Let’s hear it for such an amazing young person who will undoubtedly change the world – Daianna Williams! Thank you for sharing your experience, and we cannot wait to see you take on the world by storm.


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