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Student Spotlight of the Week: Susan Le

Our 4th Student Spotlight is no other than our incredibly Inspiring Leader, Susan Le! Susan is an 11th grader from Central High School who gave us some honest and important insight on the racism the Asian community still currently faces, on how she wants to make a difference within that sphere, and how she is inspired to continue being an activist.

When asked why she joined Youth Action, Susan told us:
“Philadelphia is segregated. In school, on vacation, and once while taking a walk, I would sometimes, which is already too one time too many, witness microaggressions directed towards people of the Asian community. It gave rise to a drive for me to not stand by and enable behavior from people who should have known better. I wish to change racism in the future by creating larger conversations that will help generate dialogue on ending racism, and although change is wanted, it is not fast. It is a gradual process, and I know that I will be patient the entire way in helping to educate and inform people on being an ally and advocate for their communities now and in the future.”

Susan went on to say that she likes Youth Action’s program because she gets to working together with other similar-minded student leaders. “Youth Action program has and will continue to help solidify and ingrain in me a better understanding of what can be done for my own local community, and as people often say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Youth Action is my platform to address the most pressing issues that face my city of Philadelphia, particularly racism and voter engagement.”

In addition, Susan touched on the fact that she believes Youth Action has made her a better advocate by working with other diligent young activists. She mentioned how she was able to help orchestrate a University of the Sciences webinar for MLK Jr. Day of Service, and host a space for open discussion about being an active member of the anti-racist community.

“This organization has been consequential to supporting my advocacy skills, communication, and increasing my social awareness.”


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