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Student Spotlight of the Week: Lamar Pittman

For this week’s Student Spotlight, Youth Action featured Lamar Pittman – a 15-year-old student in our Inspiring Leaders Program who currently attends Appoquinimink High School. Lamar told us that he decided to join Youth Action because he wanted to learn how to have great leadership skills and become more mature. He also wanted to learn how to have a great elevator pitch for interviews and how to properly introduce himself in a professional manner.

One thing Lamar likes about Youth Action is how the program allows kids from all over the city to be brought together so they can learn the definition of what it means to be a leader, as well as to build bonds with each other. Lamar went on to say that “In many ways, Youth Action has helped me lead myself and lead others who need to be helped and who need an example set for them. Youth Action has not just helped me become a leader, but it has also helped me understand what it means to be one. Since joining Youth Action I have been able to lead several group projects in school and afterschool programs. I’m also able to set an example for my younger siblings because of the program.”

After high school, Lamar wants to play for the NBA and then use the funds and visibility he gains from that to invest in smaller businesses and even start a business of his own. “So in the long run I can do what I love which is playing sports and get paid for playing, and I can also make my own money and start branding myself from my business. One fun fact about Lamar is that he participated in the Black Lives Matter movement which encouraged him to research more about African American History and to learn more about where he came from.

Lamar, you are truly an exceptional person, student, and leader. We are lucky to know you and have you as a member of Youth Action! Here’s to all of the future leaders you will inspire!

Lamar is on Instagram at @darlingni.


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