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Student Spotlight of the Week: Ahmya Begley

For our second Student Spotlight of the Week, Youth Action highlighted Ahmya Begley – a 9th-grade student at Bonner Prendie High School. Ahmya took her decision to join Youth Action very seriously. She did her research, became fascinated and intrigued by the organization, and decided it would offer her what she would need to “travel the road we call life.” Ahmya became a part of the YA community because she knew it would be an environment with people who shared her same goals, which were to sharpen her skills and gain access to success.

Ahmya also told us she admires the Inspiring Leaders Program because it creates a space for students with similar interests, and allows her to work with teams to positively impact the world around them. After finishing her first semester of leadership training, Ahmya says she feels so much more confident and prepared to take the next steps in creating a community service project. She hopes to move into the third Youth Action program, the Service Leaders Program, in the future.

After she completes high school, Ahmya is looking to attend a top-tier selective college or university. As of right now, she is interested in a career path that would lead her to be a professor/teacher, author, or lawyer. One fun fact about Ahmya is that if she loves a movie, song, episode of a show, or piece of literature, she will challenge herself to memorize the entire piece of work!

We thank Ahmya for her wonderful contribution and dedication to Youth Action! She is truly an Inspiring Leader for us all.

Ahmya is on Instagram at @ahmya.thebiz.


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