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Youth Action & The Horner Foundation

Youth Action was recently awarded a $35,000 capacity grant over a two year period,  from the Horner Foundation. The Horner Foundation supports nonprofit organizations in our four regions. Horner fosters positive youth development through out of school time (OTS)programs and experiential learning opportunities. One of the Horner Foundations visions is for all youth to be empowered , to realize their full potential and become active participants in their communities. A partnership like this one is extremely exciting for Youth Action and also the Horner family  “I can speak for my whole family when I say we couldn’t be more excited to work together over the next couple years” expressed Carolyn Horner.

The partnership between Youth Action and the Horner Foundation will help our students transform into  socially responsible leaders in the community. Youth Action is a non profit organization that INSPIRES students to LEAD and provides them with resources and support to SERVE their communities. Our mission “aligns well with the Horner Foundation’s investment in youth to become active citizens in their communities” states Anthony Phillips, the Executive Director of Youth Action. We are thrilled to have received this generous grant and honored to be partnering with the Horner Foundation. Phillips says  that “Together Youth Action and the Horner Foundation can sustain efforts and increase the production of young socially responsible leaders in Philadelphia.”

Out of school time (OTS) programs- provide regularly scheduled structured supervised activities where learning opportunities take place outside of the normal school day.


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