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A-List Event Promotes Student Collaborations and Service

Youth Action is pleased to announce that it’s A-List Event held on Friday, April 22, 2011, was a huge success.

The A-List: Successfully Connected proved to be a premier networking experience attracting well over 300 College students from Philadelphia and the surrounding area to the University of Pennsylvania’s Hall of Flags facility. The evening networking event promoted advocacy for student cross-campus collaborations and advancing community service initiatives. The unique part of the event was the fact that it was not only an event for college students around the city to mingle, but it was an opportunity for these students to explore the concept of intercollegiate service work.

“The event was not only fun, but motivating and inspirational,” said Robert Clegg, a Youth Action college student member who helped organize the event. “The evening offered a great opportunity for students to engage in some good dialogue about organizing campuses and communities to mobilize for social change, and network with other college student leaders, which can definitely be very valuable as well.”

The atmosphere was congenial and friendly – students commented on how they had actually benefited from talking to other students during the evening. Many of them mentioned how extremely surprised they were at how easy it was to engage everyone in conversation. It seemed as if every student scrambled to make meaningful networking connections with the other attendees. And everyone seemed to make the most of the opportunity.

“I’m proud that the students were happy with the event – the space, the food, and the entertainment – and everyone is pumped to return next year,” says Domonique Bandoo, another Youth Action member who put together the festive event.

Youth Action greatly appreciated the joint cooperation among all of the participating student organizations from over 10 colleges and universities around the city that helped make the event a huge success.

Everyone was definitely successfully connected.

To join The A-List Network or see more photos from the A-List networking event, go to or click here.


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